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Better Finished Songs
TCMuze - Antonio "Tone Clutch" Tuck


The Process

Ten step: 

  1. Song Consultation & Idea Mining

  2. Lyric Writing

  3. Lyric Review & Revisions

  4. Track composition

  5. Track Review & Revisions

  6. Tracking Vocals

  7. Vocal Production

  8. Mixing and Normalizing

  9. Mix Revisions

  10. Delivery

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TCMuze Antonio "Tone Clutch" Tuck
TCMuze Antonio "Tone Clutch" Tuck
TCMuze Antonio "Tone Clutch" Tuck
TCMuze Antonio "Tone Clutch" Tuck
The Process

What I Do

I help my clients achieve their goals by translating thoughts and ideas into finished musical product. I love helping Artist produce their music.  Whatever they want. I do whatever it takes

  • ​Co-Writing

  • Lyric Critiques

  • Producing

  • Beat making

  • Recording 

  • Vocal Production

  • Mixing

Total Song Production:

TCMuze Antonio "Tone Clutch" Tuck

About Tone Clutch

R&B and Hip Hop Music Producer.  

Antonio Tuck professional known as “Tone Clutch” has been producing music for more than 10 years with placements for numerous MTV and VH1 shows and specials.


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Guide to Better
Finished Songs
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